Welcome to the new Sublime Games.

This whole site has been redesigned by myself in what little free time I have. I am a dad of two, so as you can imagine, I don't have a lot of free time!. That being the case I have managed to go from zero to hero (what you see now) in around two hours chunks over the period of a couple of months.


The old version of this site was previously built using Text Pattern. I found this to be a great little content management system that lacked in two areas for myself. First off was the use of 'textile' for formatting posts, can't say this was something that I really enjoyed using. Secondly was the update process. It required you to upload (via FTP) then run the upgrade process in order to update the backbone of the website.

This whole site is now built using October CMS, using PHP 7 with a MySQL database on Apache. That in itself is a major improvement from the previous environment used. This site now uses markdown for content management, something that I found to be a factor of ten better then textile!. I have also setup a RSS feed for posts and that was not enough we are also now also rocking it in HTTPS as well.

Along with the above, October CMS also gives myself a chance to add some much wanted features like comments, forum and accounts for beta testers etc, so stay tuned to see what happens.


I have taken this opportunity to start afresh, as such all the old content has gone to never be returned.

I currently have a need to make a new game (or two), so please expect to see posts about my progress. Maybe one day it will be finished and then you can all enjoy it for what it is. In the mean time, I also expect to post the odd useful article and maybe some keep sort of development diary going.

All posts on the site will be posted to the front page (home) and those that get flagged as articles, will be also be listed on the Articles page as well.

We now have tags for posts, this should let you get a aproximate idea of what the posts is about before clicking into it. A search feature has also been added, hope you find it useful. If you fail to find what you are looking for you can also look in the Archive area in order to dig into previous posts.